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Welcome to your FREE online reference to useful information & services about Intellectual Property and Copyright.

Here you'lll find everything you need to help you learn and use copyright and intellectual property to your advantage - for your business or for you as an individual.  This information is provided in a practical way, not being written from a lawyer's perspective but from a view of someone who has to use IP and copyright everyday.

As the site grows, we'll be providing information on:

Why Copyright

  • Providing a definition of Copyright
  • Understanding why Copyright is important


Copyright Registration

  • Why Copyright registration means you get copyright insurance
  • What copyright forms to use and the process to get copyright registration
  • Recommended resources to help with copyright registration


Copyright Music

  • How copyright is particularly important to music, musicians and the music industry
  • Music copyright laws


Copyright Photographs

  • how to copyright photographs
  • How to use copyright licences with photographs
  • Useful photographic sites and their copyright licences


Copyright Public Domain

  • We'll also discuss copyright versus public domain
  • Open souce
  • Creative Commons Licences



  • How to trademark
  • Why you should trademark a name
  • trademark for business


Intellectual Property


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