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  • An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
    Music, artwork, literature, inventions, designs and ideas. These works are the intellectual property of the creator, meaning they own their creation.
  • Intellectual Property Rights - What's Mine Is Mine
    It's been stated that "good artists borrow and great artists steal". Whether or not that's true is irrelevant but what is relevant is that if you've invented or created something, it's yours. Even if others disagree, you're protected under the legal statutes of intellectual property rights.
  • A Definition of a Trade Secret
    A trade secret law (TSL) is another form (in contrast to patent protection) which may be used to protect proprietary information. Trade secret protection (TSP) is provided by the TSL and is usually governed by state law.
  • Intellectual Property Management in Cyberspace
    The continuous growth in technology has brought a lot of changes on how things are done. In the search for fast accessibility and ease, mankind has created a new means of connecting things in a so-called web - the Internet. The Internet also known as the cyberspace is a place where everything is coded digitally.
  • Trademark Name: Protecting Your Brand
    Trademark names are important because it protects the words, names symbols, sounds or colours that distinguish your product. Any sign that is capable of being represented graphically and is able to distinguish the goods and services of one person from those of another can be registered. You can continue renewing your trademark forever as long as it is being utilised in business. Having your name registered is beneficial as it gives helpful notice nationwide of the owner's claim. It is also useful when wishing to obtain registration in other countries.
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